Community Schools in Action: Addressing the Opportunity Gap - Practicum 2013

The CAS biannual Community Schools Practicum conference will be held from October 16 to18 at 475 Riverside Drive. This year’s Practicum will present important new research that documents the growing “opportunity gap” between America’s richest and poorest families and their children; will explore specific policies and practices that contribute to this gap; and will use the opportunity gap framework as a lens for developing and expanding equity-oriented solutions. Leaders from community school initiatives across the country are sending teams of educators, policymakers and community partners to learn, teach, share and network. Highlights of the agenda include a Keynote by Robert Putnam, a professor of political science at Harvard University, and a Plenary by Tony Smith, former Superintendent of Schools in Oakland, California, who initiated a strategic plan to make Oakland the first community school district in the country